Dear visitor, "Physics is good for you" is not just a bad joke. Physics has really been good for me, providing a kind of work that was everchanging, unpredictable and entertaining as long as I could stay at the university. It enabled me to study in the USA and to work for two years in Japan. I had the chance to visit so many countries when presenting at international conferences, met a lot of interesting people and made good friends all over the world. Almost no other job can do that for you.
Now that I have retired from Physics to become a freelance Graphic Designer, I present you with my latest physical results concerning CdSe based self-organized quantum dots, which you will find in the Slideshow. The reader without any background on semiconductor physics is advised to visit Britney's guide to semiconductor physics first, one of the best introductions on the web.
A huge number of publications has been piling up over the years, some of them can be downloaded in PDF-format in the Publications-area. A review of my work which provides some explanations on quantum dot formation and properties is presented under Review. Note that this is a paper currently in press, which was presented at a Summerschool held at the Ettore Majorana Center in Erice, Sicily 2001. View pictures of my various work places under MBE-Nostalgia.